Monday, April 11, 2011

Problem burning files from a network share using Brasero 2.32.0

There is no problem dragging and droping files directly from a Windows share in Nautilus to Brasero but when burning a disc, Brasero reports "Image successfully created" very quickly with only 64K written. Mounting the Windows share fixes this problem but Brasero reports a different error "No parent could be found in the tree for the path".

k3b works fine with mounted Windows shares, however it too has a problem when dragging and dropping files directly from a Windows share in Nautilus and responds with the error message "No non-local files supported".


  1. I'm having this problem too, and it's now april 2012

    1. It's because the files are on the ntfs partition. Copy the contents which you want to burn into the 'Downloads' directory or any other 'ext' partition and then try to burn