Saturday, August 17, 2013

Run Tomboy with Mono 3.2 on Mac

Compiling it from scratch based on doesn't work anymore. Here are the additional instructions:-
  • After getting the latest version of Tomboy (1.15.3),  replace "flush(true)" with "flush()" in Note.cs to fix a compile error. Not sure why the compiler complained about this line. Anyway, using just "flush()" fixes the problem but it may not write everything to disk straight away.
  • After building Tomboy, running it caused an exception:- 
Missing method System.Reflection.Assembly::op_Equality(Assembly,Assembly)
To fix it, modify a script file called Tomboy in -> Contents/MacOS/Tomboy by changing the last line to
exec -a "Tomboy" "$MONO" --runtime=v4.0 --debug $ASSEMBLY $@


  1. Any chance you could package that up, and upload to Gnome Live? It would be very helpful.

  2. thanks for the initial steps, this worked okay til 10.8. but after to the jump to mavericks its not running again! :( Tomboy 1.15.3/Mono 3.2.4/OSX 10.9. Console says "blahblahInvalid windowblahblah"

  3. Hey everyone. If you're looking for solution to install Tomboy on Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.1 and it's not working - you need to download previous (last stable) version of Mono framework here